Former Students Share Their Experiences Taking Talitha's Courses:


Talitha is the most impressionable teacher that you will ever have!  I have taken almost every class that she offers and will continue to do so for one specific reason.  Talitha’s level of commitment to the experiential learning process is remarkable.  The amount of energy that she maintains while “holding space” for a group of students in their personal healing AND while they are learning new techniques is mind-blowing!  She will be there for you every step of the way.
—Dr. Sanders, South America

Talitha's classes have been so amazingly valuable to me.  I have learned so much about how to take care of myself on all levels.  I now understand how the core star, the Hara dimension, and the aural dimension affect my physical experience. I have tools to work with those levels to make shifts in my life.  I recommend her classes to anyone who wants to heal their life experience.
— Julie, USA

Talitha is an incredible teacher and intuitive.  She has helped me over the past 10 years through her intuitive coaching sessions, her in-person workshops, and her online classes.  As an intuitive coach, she has helped me navigate multiple life issues, including a recent breast cancer diagnosis.  Through her online classes, she taught me how to access my intuition and to hear my inner voice.  When I was going through chemotherapy, I was too weak to attend workshops, and her online classes were a saving grace!  I am so thankful for Talitha, her gifts and everything she has ever taught me.
— Sherri, USA

 Anxiety, feeling lost in life, chaos in personal life.. I am sure a lot of people can relate to those feelings. That's how i was feeling 6 years ago before I met Talitha. By Godsend, my yoga teacher suggested to attend Talitha's Hara workshop. The workshop was intended to get familiar with what Hara is about and to get aligned to your life purpose. I didn't know what Hara was but felt that i should definitely go. Little did i know how it would change my life! Talitha was so approachable and kind, offered so much information and exercises, such amazing people were there to participate. That was the new beginning of life. Workshop after workshop, group healings, private sessions, online classes - all that brought my life to a new level, new knowledge gave me much needed peace of mind and acceptance and wonderful changes. Yes, I had to do homework in order to bring my life to the place where I would like to be. Talitha always says " you will get as much as you put in it, you work hard - - you get great results." So the choice is yours! Nothing comes easy, but it is sooo worth it! Talitha is truly an angel with a lot of patience and love for everyone! I endlessly thankful for everything she gives us - her time, her knowledge, her love and great dedication. God bless you, Talitha!
— Nati, Russia

Talitha is an amazing and gifted healer, teacher and soul coach.  She is caring and compassionate when doing a healing or teaching a class, simultaneously working with her guides and your guides to bring you the greatest healing and alignment of your highest intention and purpose.  Talitha’s classes are very informative, experiential and fun!  She shows you how to properly do each exercise and lets you know what to expect physically, emotionally and spiritually as you go through each stage of the class.  I am so very grateful to know her and to be able to work with her.
— Cathy, USA