Photo by Stephen Grisanti


Meet Talitha

Talitha, also referred to as Talia, was born and raised in Texas. At the age of 5 she was already practicing Native American rituals with a Medicine Man named BearHeart who became like a Grandfather to her. When she wasn't at school, taking etiquette classes or in a dance class she was helping build sacred sweat lodges in the woods or accompanying her Mother to regular psychic groups and meditations, all of which she  was keen to participant in. By the age of 19 she began a rigorous, in-depth 5 year training program for energy healing in Colorado. She considers those years as a student, and working side-by-side with the founder, as priceless.

Talitha has had a private healing practice for more 20 years, within which she began teaching weekend workshops. She has now been teaching for at least 13 years. She feels that expansion and healing are built into her core intention in life and therefore happen in conjunction with everything she puts her energy and awareness into. 

Talitha is a healer and teacher, but finds that those two things cannot be confined to her healing sessions practice or classes alone. When she's not in session or teaching, she can often be found reading about physics or people she finds highly interesting. Talitha also participates in collaborative art and film projects with others whom she finds inspiring and provoking. She is an avid traveller who often spends months to years in other countries as a normal way of life, but always returns to her chosen home of California. Talitha feels most in alignment when she is a channel for informing and inspiring positive change.

Talitha continues to maintain a centralized focus in bridging the seen and unseen worlds with a special interest in multidimensional reality, but does not limit herself to one particular way of going about it. She feels that in the holographic model there is no one way to express something, but that anything can be expressed in every way.